11 - 15 October 2021 | Virtual Event

New Space


Here, you can follow all the latest news related to the Φ-week 2021 and its programme. To stay on top of what is new, we invite you to join the Φ-lab’s online community in LinkedIn where we will publish these updates as well.

   06 October 2021 
Φ-week 2021 Questionnaire

We invite you to participate in the Φ-week 2021 Questionnaire. Responses to this survey are anonymized.
Please make sure to click on the submit button at the end of the page.

Thank you in advance for the interest!

   29 July 2021 
Φ-week 2021 programme details

The preliminary main programme for Φ-week has been published on the Φ-week 2021 website. We are still ironing out some of the details on speakers so there are still a few to be declared slots, but most of our amazing speakers have already confirmed their attendance.

There is also more to come in addition to the main programme. We are putting together a great set of side events that will take place throughout the event. The complete programme will be published later. Friday 15 October will be completely dedicated to side events, so you can expect to see the longer events (2 hour plus) then. In addition, we will have shorter side events (90 minutes or less) every afternoon throughout the week.

You can find detailed information about each session on the detailed programme page by clicking the session name, and the search function and filters on the right side of the page help you find what you may be looking for. Remember to register for Φ-week 2021 if you haven’t done so already.

We are excited to see you in October!

   16 June 2021 
Φ-week 2021 registration now open

The registration for Φ-week 2021 is now open. Register now so that you don’t miss important updates about the event. Registration and attendance is free of charge – but it is mandatory for all participants to register. Information and details about joining the event will only be given to the registered attendees.

Register now to secure your place – it only takes a minute.

   1 June 2021 
Submission deadline for virtual side events, e-posters and online exhibitions extended to 15 June

It has been exciting to see such a large number of proposals submitted to this year’s Φ-week! We know there are some who missed the previous deadline, so we have decided to extend the deadline when to submit your proposals for virtual side events, e-posters and online exhibitions to 15 June. After this date, the submission portal will not accept new entries.

Submit your proposal through the submission page by 15 June.

   16 April 2021 
Calling for proposals for virtual side events, e-posters and online exhibitions. Submission deadline 31 May

This year, Φ-week offers the opportunity to submit your own content in the form of side events, e-posters and online exhibitions. Wondering which one to choose? Here’s a quick guide:

Side events are short, around two-hour, thematic sessions that address a specific topic of interest in line with the objectives of Φ-week. They are held in parallel with other sessions, and typically include a number of speakers with participant interaction. To get a flavour of last year’s side events, please see this page.

E-posters display technical and/or scientific content taking advantage of different forms of multimedia. Authors also have the option of engaging with participants via live chats and one-to-one video calls at scheduled ‘live’ times.

Online exhibitions are virtual booths where commercial/marketing content can be displayed, including live engagement similar to that of the e-posters.

Submit your proposal through the submission page by 31 May.

If you have an idea but need to work on the details, you can draft your submission directly in the portal, save the draft and continue later, only submitting once you are finished.

   15 April 2021
The Φ-week 2021 website is now open!

Now live, the Φ-week 2021 website outlines the event’s main themes and objectives and includes descriptions of the key sessions for the action-packed week, which kicks off on 11 October.

Together with an exciting set of partners and speakers, we will focus on how to accelerate the future of Earth observation, particularly from the perspective of New Space.

Check out the key sessions. We will publish a detailed version of the programme in the weeks to come. Watch this space!